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Our Team

Jean-Claude (JC)

Instrumental in raising awareness of Brazilian Zouk style of dance in the Melbourne Latin dance scene, along with a small handful of his peers, JC is a qualified trainer and one of the most successful Zouk instructors coming out of Melbourne over the last 5 years. Renowned for his exceptional teaching skills and communicating his passion for the dance in his instruction, JC shares his knowledge and expertise like no other.

JC has choreographed and performed in a multitude of routines for student teams and professional duos alike, both locally and nationally. He is an established Zouk professional who is meticulous on musicality, timing and footwork while ensuring his classes are energetic, informative, slightly challenging and most of all, a whole lot of fun and a place to relax in an inclusive, community spirit! 


Originally from Adelaide and with 6 years of choreography and 5 years of participation experience in other dance styles before her move to Melbourne, Tracey has been an active member of the Latin dance community for the last four years. Her interests in Latin dancing started with Cuban style salsa and have expanded to other styles, the most prominent of which is Zouk. 

Tracey has been involved in Zouk performances with different dance schools at festivals and events, locally and nationally, as a participant, as well as contributor to choreography and assisting in training other participants. In 2013 she spent several months in Boston (USA), returning to Melbourne with fresh and new ideas that have added value to classes. Always welcoming with a warm and friendly smile, Tracey’s attitude to dance and Zouk in particular, is infectious & inviting, contributing to a positive energy in any class situation.